Organic Full Fat Soybean Meal (Extruded)

We are cultivating Organic NON-GMO Soybean by our contract farmer in organic certified farms. Organic seed is further process in our unique organic certified Extruded plant.

The process starts with collection of organic soybean seed from our contract farmers. This farmer grade soybean comes to our factory which goes into our extensive soybean cleaning and grading unit. We use Pre-Cleaner & fine cleaner (Grader), high quality de-stoner and magnetic separator, spiral separators, gravity separators and at the end it further goes through unique “Hand Picking System”.

These clean soybean seed is then crushed into optimum size and then extruded to cook soybean, unlock oil cells, increase digestibility, regulate parameters such as Urease activity, trypsin and inhibitor KOH, etc. The output is full fat extruded organic soybean meal with 18-19% oil content.