Organic Soy Meal Hi-Pro

Soybean meal is the most important protein source used to feed farm animals. The Hipro soybean meal it is obtained from selected quality of Indian organic non GMO soybean seeds and the protein contents 50% or above. Soybean Meal has a higher energy value compared with other protein sources. The amino acids in Soybean Meal are highly digestible compared to other protein sources of plant origin. The Solubility Index of Soybean Meal is 80-85% and it is also excellent source of iron, calcium, vitamins and other minerals. Our Hipro Soybean Meal is one of the most consistent protein ingredients available to the feed formulator. We produce Soybean Meals that meet the end-users specifications for protein and fiber. Our Soybean meal is a concentrated source of protein and energy, and is lower in fiber than most other oilseed meals available to the feed manufacturer.



Protein 48-51%
Fat 1% Max
Moisture 12.5% Max
Sand /Silica 1% Max
Crude Fiber 4.0% Max
Urease Activity mgsN/gm at 30 Deg. C0.25 Max